Construction update #1

January - June 2018

February 20th, 2018 · 2 min read


Hear ye, hear ye - the first construction blog of the Pixeland experience center! We've recently had the chance to acquire a large building which used to be a bar and restaurant, we'll be renovating the place to allow developers to meet-up, share knowledge and attend various events. You can find more information about the overarching idea here.

At this point we're still clearing some paperwork to finalize the purchase of the property, it's estimated to be completed around April this year. After that's done we can start the first phase of the renovation.

Building overview

The building can be divided into two main sections. One used to be a bar (in the front), and one used to be a restaurant. The first area you see when entering the building used to be a bar, it'll be renovated to an event area and feature public workspaces for developers to work on their projects. The bartop on the right will be made wider so it's comfortable to work at.

The restaurant area (360 m² / 3,875 ft²) is the largest section of the building. This will be the last phase of the renovatino process, it'll be used for events and host larger groups of people. There'll also be more private workspaces which can be utilized by teams.

Next to these main sections the property also has a private parking lot, a garden and cellars for storage.

Temporary office

While we're still waiting for the final papers to be signed we've already created a temporary office. There's power, internet and coffee - everything required for game development! We'll be working on our projects in this small office during the renovations of the rest of the building.


A crucial part of any building is the roof, our roof isn't that great. We've had a few people come by to check it out and have heard everything between "This can be fixed!" and "You need a new roof". In order to do a better inspection we'll first need to do some checks instead (leaks) and clean the top by removing pebbles and moss.

After shoveling, cutting and hauling for a whole day we've made good progress. Next time we'll remember to also take 'before' pictures but for now you just have to imagine a lot of overgrowth, spiders and junk there.


We also got to welcome our first visitors even before opening! Hans Krill is a concept artist who wants to meet more developers, he'll swing by our first event. A local 3D modeler contacted us because he'd love to do volunteer work at Pixeland - instahired!

Thanks to Make-a-Wish we got to spend a day with MagicalZakie who wants to become a Minecraft streamer, we've shown him everything he needs to start playing, editing and streaming. We wish him the best with his channel!

We hope the final papers can be signed soon so we can really start the renovation, until then we'll keep you up to date on even the tiniest of changes.

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