Construction update #4

April - May 2020

May 1st, 2020 · 1 min read


Thanks to generous donations we were able to construct a sound recording studio. It'll be used for recording foley sound effects to be released as public domain asset but game developers are also able to use the studio for recordings, send us a message if you'd like to record.

It's located in the center of the Pixeland building and used to be the gardrobe where guests of the former restaurant entered. This space has the perfect size, and location (not near the front/back of the building, so the least noise) for the recording studio. Once Pixeland is further completed it might move to a different part of the building depending on the noise producing by the neighbouring sections.

We installed a new carpet floor to dampen the noise of walking, added new power outlets, a drop ceiling and plenty of echo canceling foam. We've even got some equipment, still needs to be hooked up.

The 'phase A' part of Pixeland (see the chart on this page) is almost completely empty and ready to start construction. We've removed the old ceiling, the brick bar and wall cabinets and a whole lot more. The plan is to place new walls, a new ceiling and new floor. Next to that everything else will be renewed including pipes, electricity and safety equipment like fire extinguishers.

Phase A looking towards Phase B

We've also done some work on 'phase B' which will be opened much later than the 'phase A' part. However, because we already had a lot of stone debris we decided to do some more destruction in the later phases just to save money on disposal.

Phase B looking towards Phase C

I hope you're all still as excited as we are, it's a tough project and has been going on for years. We hope to be able to open the first phase in early 2021 although due the current circumstances it's become a lot harder to do the construction.

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