Our location is currently under construction, read all about the progress on our blog.


Center for indie game development

We're building a maker space for indie game developers to share knowledge, work on their projects and get inspired in a themed environment. Back in 2018 we bought a building in the Netherlands, our plan is to renovate it to an experience center for indie video- and board game creators.

Complete building plan

The venue will feature various sections for working and learning. Some of these sections will be open to the general public, others will be used for events or can be rented by teams for a small fee.

Work in progress at phase A

One example of a section we'd like to build is a museum for indie game artifacts (we've already gathered nifty stuff to display but are always approaching well-known indie developers in search of interesting items). Another concept is the arcade which will consist of several cabinets that play an ever changing selection of homebrew games. Depending on feedback and the needs of the community additional sections are planned to be opened in the future.


We'll also offer workspaces for solo developers and small teams. In the first phase of construction only public workspaces will be available (shared desks), during later phases of construction private workspaces will be added which can be utilized by teams.

Private workspaces themed as urban stores

We think it's important that the environment you're in inspires you to be creative, that's why we're not building a regular ol' office. The building will be themed to look like sci-fi city, including dark corridors and bright neon lights. The venue is meant to be explored and there will be many hidden stories and easter eggs waiting to be found by Pixeland visitors.


The opening of the Pixeland experience center will happen in smaller phases, of which the first is planned to open mid-2022.

Phase A

The first phase of the project is the front area which is about 130 m² (1,400 ft²). Our plans include a private office (nearing completion, see construction blogs), a bartop workspace, public workspaces, vending machines, restrooms and sound recording studio.

Phase B

The second phase will add an additional 70 m² (750 ft²) to the experience center which will include both public and private workspaces, it'll also introduce the indie museum where mystical indie artifacts will be on display.

Future phases

Our building has a total space of 560 m² (5,810 ft²) which can be used for more private and public workspaces, a second set of restrooms and more open area for larger events like game jams. The property also includes a parking lot and large garden which will also be open to the public once renovated.

Virtual tour

Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour in the Explore Pixeland game, completely free for both Windows and Linux. In the game you'll be able to roam around a scale model, see the plans and collect hats, cards, blueprints + more! The game will be updated regularly with new sections and up-to-date progress.