Construction (February 2018)

Written by Kenney on February 20th (2018)

Construction (February 2018)
Construction (February 2018)

While we're still waiting for the final papers to be signed we've already created a tiny temporary office in the new building, we've also cleaned large chunks of the roof which is needed for repairs/replacement and even welcomed our first visitors!

Temporary office

In order to get some work done we have created a tiny temporary office. There's power, internet, and coffee - everything you need for game development!


A pretty important part of any building is the roof. Our roof is not that great at being a roof, it's a bit leaky. We've had a few roofers come by and they told us everything between "This can be fixed!" and "You need a new roof". In order to do a better inspection the whole thing (550m²) needs to be cleaned and everything has to go - pebbles, old wood, moss and bricks.

After shoveling, cutting and hauling for a whole day we've made great progress. Next time we'll remember to take a 'before' picture but just imagine a lot of plants and junk there.


We've already had our first visitors! Hans Krill is a local concept artist who wants to meet more developers, he'll swing by our first event. A local 3D modeler contacted us because he'd love to do volunteer work at Pixeland - instahired!

Thanks to Make-a-Wish we got to meet HoZakie who wants to become a famous Minecraft player, we've shown him everything he needs to start playing, editing and streaming. Good luck with your channel kiddo!

We hope the final papers can be signed soon so we can really start the renovation, until then we'll keep you up to date on even the tiniest of changes.