Construction (January 2018)

Written by Kenney on January 5th (2018)

Construction (January 2018)
Construction (January 2018)

Hear ye, hear ye - the first construction blog of the new Pixeland building! We’ve recently acquired a huge building which will be renovated to allow developers to meet-up, share knowledge and attend events.

We still need to clear some paperwork, estimated to be finished around April. After this the renovation can start!

An introduction to the new building:

Pub area

This is the first area you’ll see when entering the building. Previously a pub but will be renovated to a clean office space for working.

Bar area

The bar area (550 m² / 5,920 ft²) is the largest area of the building. We won’t be doing much renovation for the time being because of the costs. It will be used for events (Global Game Jam, BBQ Game Jam, meetings etc.) and to host larger groups of people.

Cooking area

There’s a professional kitchen plus a huge grill that was used by guests who could cook their own food. It’s still functioning!


Next to these main areas there's also a giant cellar for storage, a backlot for visitor parking and an apartment above.

It’s an absolutely huge building so we’ll be taking it slow and renovating step by step. Your donations are more than welcome and really help with the whole project. Hopefully we’ll already be ready to invite game developers over later this year!