Construction (September 2018)

Written by Kenney on September 11th (2018)

Construction (September 2018)
Construction (September 2018)

Progress on my quest to build a place where every game developer can hang out! Pixeland construction is going strong and besides some structural construction we've actually made some progress you can SEE!

I've been getting questions from people who'd like to rent a desk at the Pixeland location once done. Ultimately I hope to be able to offer these desks for free, allowing game developers to make the most of their skills in a shared work space. This is hugely dependant on sponsors though, which we'll be seeking once construction is further along.


The roof is in a bad condition. One section was so bad that every bit of rain meant water pouring down our apartment walls and into the Pixeland area below. There was no other choice than to replace a large section, a very expensive investment (sad face).

See the map above for the part that got replaced, the cost of replacement was so large that replacing the rest of the roof is currently out of the question. We'll have to keep patching it up and hope leaks stay to a minimum.


The first new wall has been placed (unfortunately we couldn't completely finish it due to a leak in the corner)! Next step would be to place power outlets and internet ports, pretty important for game development I'd say!

The plan is to get this small office done before the end of November so there's place for a couple of people to work during the winter, while construction on the other sections continues.

Hope everyone is still excited about the development and construction of Pixeland, feel free to drop by (send me a message)!