Construction (June 2018)

Written by Kenney on June 18th (2018)

Construction (June 2018)
Construction (June 2018)

It has been a while since we last posted an update on the construction of Pixeland but we're back in business!

Construction is slow because everything is done thanks to donations, still planning to open the first area later this year. This area will be public and every game developer is free to visit, work on their projects and meet other developers. You can see the latest concept of the new building here;


We've removed the old ceiling, it'll get replaced by a new suspended one with proper (LED) lighting. We've been advised to first take care of the walls, then the floor and last the new ceiling.


Removing the old ceiling uncovered some old pipes that need to be replaced, nothing big but now is the perfect time to do so.

There's also a problem with the sewage (oh no...) which is kind of leaking in the cellar, we asked a sewage company and they said the city should take care of that. They should be coming over to fix it somewhere this week.


If you really like what we're doing you can donate any amount, big or small!